Welcome Bundle


Discover the immune-boosting benefits of elderberries with our exclusive Welcome Bundle. This great value set includes a bottle of our premium Elderberry Syrup, along with a compact ON.THE.GO.™ tincture.

Elderberry has long been cultivated for its therapeutic effects. Elderberry is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, making it a powerful natural ingredient for combating a variety of illnesses. It’s regularly used to tackle cold and flu viruses, while it’s also thought to produce a reliable anti-inflammatory response. When combined, these antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties can shorten the duration of illnesses and take the edge off chronic conditions like arthritis and other rheumatic ailments.

Our elderberry syrup is particularly potent, with a delicious recipe that’s loaded with organic ingredients. In addition to elderberries, our syrup includes ginger, cloves, and Ceylon cinnamon. All of these ingredients boast potent healing properties in their own right. Furthermore, our syrup is sweetened with raw honey, rather than refined sugar. If you’re looking for a palatable elderberry syrup but need to keep an eye on your sugar intake, it’s an obvious choice.

This Welcome Bundle also includes a bottle of elderberry tincture that you can enjoy on the go. With its discreet bottle and applicator, ON.THE.GO.™ means you never have to leave the house without an immune-boosting elderberry tincture at your side. Furthermore, our tincture lasts for 12 months once opened.

ELDERBERRY SYRUP ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: elderberries, filtered water, ginger, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon, raw honey.

All elderberry syrup bottles are sealed and boast a shelf life of two years. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consumed within 90 days.

Please note, our elderberry syrup is made with raw honey. This means the product is unsafe for children aged under 12 months.

ON.THE.GO™ INGREDIENTS: filtered water, organic Ceylon cinnamon, Non-GMO vegetable glycerin, organic elderberries.

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