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Natural Treatments Have A Long Tradition

Updated: Apr 14

A holistic approach to life—equilibrium of the mind, body and the environment, with an emphasis on health rather than on disease—is a common philosophy. The focus is on a person’s overall condition rather than his/her particular ailment or disease.

Divya Yoder believes that a holistic approach to life helps people maintain a lifestyle that contributes to their satisfaction and health. A natural method looks at each person’s thoughts, feelings, culture, beliefs and attitudes in harmony with his/her body, mind and spirit.

That’s why, in 2019, Divya, the mother of two young sons, founded the Original Elderberry Company. She investigated the subject and came up with her own recipe as a wholesome and nourishing mixture for her family. She employed recollections of olden and proven curative preparations from her native India. Divya created a powerful mixture using wholesome ingredients such as ginger, cloves, local raw honey and Ceylon cinnamon, which contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.

In India, up to 70 percent of the population depend on traditional medicine to help meet their health care needs. Many people in developing countries continue to rely on traditional practitioners and herbal medicines. In China, traditional medicine accounts for around 40 percent of all health care delivered; and more than 90 percent of general hospitals in China have units for traditional medicine.

The use of traditional medicine is not limited to developing countries: In the past two decades, people’s interest in natural therapies has increased substantially in industrialized nations. As long ago as 2007, about 38 percent of adults and 12 percent of children in the United States were using some form of traditional medicine.

Divya wants to encourage others to take good care of themselves and help them become their very best. To contact Divya, fill in the Get In Touch form. And follow the Original Elderberry Company on Facebook and Instagram to find its local weekly pop-up locations!

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